2015 Season Wrap up

Cooler temps were in store for fans and skaters alike after suffering through the last bout with no air conditioning. However the fixed AC was no match for the heated rivalry that took place on the track. MRG kept pace with Marietta throughout the bout but could not capture enough lead jams to take the […]

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MRG Dominates Dixie

In their first bout back at the Front Porch, MRG did not disappoint fans waiting for roller derby to return. First up was a junior roller derby bout, that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. The Rome Rollerettes and the Rolling Arsenal of Derby played a fierce game and stayed neck and […]

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MRG Takes the Win on the Road, Crushes Circle City Chaos

Muscogee Roller Girls traveled to Dothan Saturday, May 23rd to drop the mic on Circle City Chaos. CCC definitely wanted to rumble, and MRG was more than willing to bring it! The energy was electric but this newer team could not keep up with MRG. Our home team ripped the victory from Dothan with a […]

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Muscogee Roller Girls Record Now at 2-2 Mid-Season

MUSCOGEE ROLLER GIRLS TASTE SWEET VICTORY AND AGONY OF DEFEAT After two hard hitting bouts, the Muscogee Rollergirls are now at 2-2 for the season. Since their win against the Mississippi Rollergirls, they skated on to another victory over the Atlanta Rollergirls Jukes of Hazzard! It was a nail biter of a bout with lead […]

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Official Announcement Regarding May 16th

The Muscogee Roller Girls and Chris Chaos Productions regretfully announce our May 16th roller derby bout is postponed until a later date. This is due to the closure of our venue Front Porch of the South. Please be assured we are working feverishly to secure a facility that will accommodate skater and fan needs to […]

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Muscogee Roller Girls Go To 1-1 After Epic Battle Against Mississippi

Just in time for Mardi Gras, the Muscogee Roller Girls matched up against the Mississippi Rollergirls on February 21 for the Masquerade Brawl. MRG met the challenge of this seasoned team in a bout that had loyal fans out of their seats and cheering in the stands. Once again, the team proved that they mean […]

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Hard Fought Season Opening Battle For Muscogee Roller Girls

The derby season got off to an exciting start this year as the Muscogee Rollers Girls step up their game, taking on tougher teams than they’ve ever played. If you missed the Heartless Brawl season opener, on February 7, you missed your first taste of the great derby that these ladies will be playing this […]

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HEARTLESS BRAWL Muscogee Roller Girls 2015 Season Opener vs Rogue Rollergirls

The Muscogee Rollergirls are back and ready to break hearts and break faces! Coming back from an awesome 2014 season, they are taking on a whole new level of competition in 2015. Get your tickets today and catch their season opener against Fayetteville’s Rogue Rollergirls on February 7th at Front Porch of the South

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SUMMER SHOVIN’: Marietta VS MRG: Round 2

On June 21, 2014, the Muscogee Roller Girls (MRG) welcomed the Marietta Derby Darlins (MDD) from Marietta, GA, to a rematch for their fourth home bout of the season: Summer Shovin’. Just a month prior, on May 3, 2014, MRG hit the road and won a hard fought bout against MDD at their home venue: […]

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MRG First Beach Brawl Victory to Go Up to (4-1)

Columbus, GA—(May 24th, 2014) In their third hometown win of the season, the Muscogee Roller Girls (MRG) claimed victory over the Beach Brawl SK8R Dolls (BBSD), with a final score of 235-176. This is the first time MRG defeated the Fort Walton Beach, FL team.   MRG quickly took the lead in the first jam, […]

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