Hard Fought Season Opening Battle For Muscogee Roller Girls

The derby season got off to an exciting start this year as the Muscogee Rollers Girls step up their game, taking on tougher teams than they’ve ever played. If you missed the Heartless Brawl season opener, on February 7, you missed your first taste of the great derby that these ladies will be playing this year. Teaming up against Fayetteville’s Rogue Rollergirls, your team fought tooth and nail in an intense battle full of hard hitting, nonstop action.

The entertainment didn’t stop during the half-time show, with a performance from the Outlaws Most Wanted Dancers and a 50/50 raffle to support Team Red, White and Blue.

With their amazing ability to regroup and rethink their strategy, the MRG ladies fought off Rogue, only losing their lead in the very last jam. A close four-point win to Rogue pushed the team way up in rank and solidifies the start to what promises to be an amazing season. Though this game may be classified as a loss, the way these ladies played was nothing short of a victory. If you missed this bout, don’t miss the Masquerade Brawl on February 21, when MRG faces off against the Mississippi Rollergirls.

Final Score – MRG: 204 / RR: 208

Mar 30, 2015 | Category: Bouts, Events | Comments: none