MRG Brings Home Win from Macon

MRG traveled to Macon to take on the Middle Georgia Derby Demons.  After the Demons dominated the Atlanta Rollergirls Jukes of Hazzard a few weeks prior, MRG was expecting quite a challenging bout.  The ladies in Green were a formidable force with their strong walls and cohesive pack work.  They managed to keep the Demons jammers at bay and keep the score low while MRG jammers did a phenomenal job of busting through the Demon walls.  Final Score Muscogee 294, Demons 50.

MVPs for this bout:
MGDD Blocker: Doll Demort
MGDD Jammer: Dr. Who’s YerMomma

MRG Blocker: Islamay Q Scream
MRG Jammer: Crush

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