Pirates and Muscogee Roller Girls at Port Columbus!

Sometimes you may ask yourself…
Is there a magical gathering where I can talk to pirates, mermaids, ukulele players, belly dancers, fire-breathers, and the Muscogee Roller Girls?

Yes. Yes, there is. A special time and place where children find buried treasures and gaol is a lark. This Saturday.

Our sponsor, the National Civil War Naval Museum, proudly presents the 6th annual Southern Pirate Festival.

Fun for all ages.  Come talk derby to us…like a pirate.

The Southern Pirate Festival
Saturday, October 20th
10:00a – 4:30p
National Civil War Naval Museum (Port Columbus)
1002 Victory Dr.
Columbus, GA  31901

For more information, please visit http://www.facebook.com/SouthernPirateFestival or http://www.portcolumbus.org


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