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Our Mission

The Muscogee Roller Girls (MRG) (founded in 2012) – is a nonprofit amateur sports organization committed to promoting the sport of Roller Derby. We are comprised of women from all walks of life- mothers, daughters, wives, and professionals.

We strongly support the mission of Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby by  promoting the development of leadership skills, teamwork, sportsmanship and positive athletic female role models. We are dedicated to building a strong presence within our community and to give back through involvement with local businesses and organizations.

**MRG adheres to the principles, guidelines, and regulations of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association WFTDA) **

2016-2017  Season Goals

Our expectations for the upcoming season are to

1) Successfully recruit and train upcoming skaters in hopes to expand our league.

2) Acquire a new venue for practices and home bouts.

Sponsorship Benefits

Roller derby is an emerging promotional platform with many opportunities for partnering with us to promote your business. By sponsoring MRG, you can help bring the community exciting, thrilling, and fun sporting events while exposing your business or company to new audiences.

According to a WFTDA publication of 2012:

“Roller derby fans have spending power. A third (33%) of fans has a household income of at least $75,000 per year. Ninety-eight percent of fans agree that roller derby bouts provide good entertainment value for their money. Businesses would be smart to get the attention of roller derby fans by sponsoring a league. Eighty-two percent of all fans know the businesses that support their local roller derby league and 95% hold a favorable opinion of these businesses. Seventy-five percent have patronized businesses that sponsor their league.”

Your support will fund uniforms, a venue for practices and bouts, training camps, bout and scrimmage transportation, and equipment. Your involvement assures that MRG remains a sustainable organization for years to come.

The Muscogee Roller Girls bout in different cities all across the Southern U.S. region, so if you are looking to expand the reach of your business, we can help you do that via the promotions of our team and sporting events in these areas. We have sponsorship opportunities available for large and small businesses.

Don’t miss your chance to align your company with the fastest growing contact sport in the United States.

We currently have a special sponsorship opportunity dedicated to our New Venue fund.  Its a great opportunity to receive custom Muscogee Rollergirl merchandise and donate to our fund.  To learn more about this and other sponsorship opportunities, please contact for details.




Download 2016-2017 Sponsor A Skater Brochure Here

Thank you for supporting the Muscogee Roller Girls! We truly appreciate your generosity and support!