IMG_3136Cooler temps were in store for fans and skaters alike after suffering through the last bout with no air conditioning. However the fixed AC was no match for the heated rivalry that took place on the track. MRG kept pace with Marietta throughout the bout but could not capture enough lead jams to take the win. Marietta prevailed once again over MRG, 134-169. Next the girls in green headed to Ft. Walton to face the Beach Brawl Skater Dolls in a home turf rematch for the Dolls.  MRG showed they had not lost their touch and took the win from the Dolls.  They returned home for their next bout against the Soul City Sirens and continued their winning streak, sending the Sirens home with a loss of 248-148.  After winning their last home bout of the season, they headed back to the beach but this time to Pensacola where they took on the Pensacola Rollergurls.  Muscogee ended their season on the ultimate high, taking the win in Pensacola. With that last win they bid farewell to the 2015 season and to several of their veteran skaters.  On to their next adventures in life, Anne Huerism, Amberglar, Tootsie Roll Pop-her, Jill Dozer, Cho Cold and Seedy Elle had their last season with MRG.  They will be missed terribly and MRG thanks them for their dedication, friendship, and teamwork.

The 2016 season will start off with recruiting events so stay in touch with us on facebook and twitter for updates and invites to future events.