Play! Get in on the excitement! 

We welcome fresh meat multiple times throughout the year at our new member bootcamps to coach you on all aspects of roller derby and skating and becoming a member of Muscogee Roller Girls. We provide all essential gear from head to toe (including helmet, skates, elbow, wrist, and knee pads) for your initial involvement. Recruitment


On-skates fun without hitting! It really does take a small army to officiate a game: seven on-skates officials (who wear the zebra stripes and call penalties and points) and we are always seeking skating officials to add to that army! Contact the Muscogee Roller Girls

Volunteer! Get involved off skates!

Why just watch roller derby when you be part of the action? Get free entry and help us put on these fun events for the community by becoming a Non-Skating Official! You could be a score keeper, penalty tracker, medic, and MORE! Contact the Muscogee Roller Girls

Watch! Become a fan!

Roller derby is a spectator sport, which means we need YOU! The cheers from the crowd fuels our energy and drives our hits and creates an enjoyable experience for everyone! Our bouts are family friendly and kids under 5 are free. Adults are welcome to bring a camping chair to sit rink side for trackside action. Tickets