Muscogee Roller Girls recognizes Whitney Hammock as our February Featured Skater! Whitney, aka Hurt Blocker, is a valued member of Muscogee Roller Girls and the current league treasurer. Thank you Hurt for all your contributions, on and off the track!

  1. Birthday – July 22
  2. Who is your derby idol? Freight Train
  3. How long have you been playing derby and what other leagues have you played with? Only MRG for two years.
  4. Have you played any other sports? If not were you/are you/do you have any other hobbies, extracurriculars that you participated in or participate in now? I played volleyball in high school. Way different lol. Now I do derby and crossfit.
  5. What kind of skates/plates/wheels do you have? Crazy
  6. What has been your worst derby injury to date? When I first started and busted my butt and felt the pain go all the way up to my neck.
  7. What do you do for a living? Compliance officer to a medical billing company.
  8. What city do you claim as your hometown? Columbus
  9. Do you have a derby wife and if so who is she? Nope. I’m riding solo.
  10. Whats your favorite after party food? Beer. Does that count?
  11. Why do you play derby? To find a piece of myself I lost after becoming a mom. I love my kids, but I need some me time too.
  12. Describe your best derby moment? Anytime I can hold my own lane is a win for me. I’m a work in progress but I feel it getting better.
  13. Besides hitting people, what else do you do for derby? i.e. committee head, exec, committee member of _____commitee, NSO etc I enjoy being part of bout committee. It’s fun to watch a Home bout come together.
  14. Whats your favorite position (jammer, blocker, pivot, goat)? Blocker.